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1955 Dodge Dealer Truck

Here are some pictures of a project I completed in 2002.

I purchased a 1955 Dodge 1-ton Stake Truck.  It had been off the road since 1984.  My winter 2002 project was to restore it for use as an Oliver Dealer Truck.  It's now finished.  Here are the before and after pictures. 

Here's what it looks like in March, 2002 just prior to painting:
bulletFront View of the Restored 1955 Dodge Oliver Dealer Truck 

Click here to see the Oliver Dealer Truck pictures, before restoration:

bulletSide View
bulletFront View

Picture added September, 2006: click here for a picture of my 1955 Dodge, and a 1977 Dodge Truck.

Picture added in 2012, of a 1955 Dodge Well Driller Truck.